Military Cosplay

The hotel asked that any tactical gear, Mil-spec, or paramilitary gear and clothing not be worn as cosplay at the venue. This does not include pants or cargo pants, shirts or tank tops and or luggage. In the simplest of terms if you want to cosplay something from Call of Duty that is a no-go, if you want to cosplay as master chief that’s fine. But any realistic military gear is of concern as it puts non convention hotel guests in a concerned state. To reiterate, this means items such as tactical harnesses with webbing, plate carriers, combat helmets with face coverings, combat gloves, and any other paraphernalia that may be worn over regular clothing of a military or tactical nature are not being allowed at the venue. Wearing an actual military uniform is a different matter. You may wear your dailies or dress uniform if you are an active-duty service member or a veteran. You must provide your military ID or VA card to co-ops if asked. This is in part due to an uptick in imposters and Stolen Valor actors that have caused issues at this hotel. Military style clothing such as pants/cargo pants, jackets, shirts, and hats are allowed. Patches with names are ok, as well as other patches if they do not contain racial, foul, disparaging remarks, or political slogans. Now, if your fursuit has some tactical gear based around it, the hotel will allow that. Your costume/fursuit must not contain any patches other than a name tag. The hotel asks this because some patches can show affiliations or slurs that they do not condone in the hotel. The no-gun policy is still in effect. This means no airsoft or prop weapons unless you are wearing an outfit that fits with the con theme and then that prop must be brought to con-ops for peace bonding. Currently with the country’s political and social climate around firearms and paramilitary-style weaponry and gear the hotel wants to keep that image out for the venue. Like the tweet said we have worked with them to make concessions for the fursuiters, but plain-clothed attendees wearing tactical vests wearing combat gear, including radios, etc. are off-limits. Part of their explanation is that with tactical harnesses and other tactical wear a weapon or other no-go items can be concealed. The venue outside of the con space is also a gun-free hotel. Meaning if you have a CCW in the state of Colorado that weapon must be secured with a gun lock and stored in your rooms safe during the stay. Please understand we know that we want the ability to dress the way we want, but we also have to see the flipside wherein the hotel has hundreds if not thousands of other guests over the weekend that may find that kind of look concerning or upsetting.