Meet our Guests Of Honor for DenFur 2023!

Atlas - Mechanical Magnificus

Atlas is a furry futurist in Denver, developing new technologies and techniques for the fandom. With all his creations, Atlas tries to find new and interesting ways of doing things and doesn’t believe in keeping secrets. His workshop has prototyped new varieties of robotic tails, moving eyes, cooling vests, stilts, claws, and more with hopes his research will help fursuits of the future feel more alive and more enjoyable to wear.

Be sure to check them out here!

Sparkle Kreations

Sparkle Kreations has been making “Fantastically Fluffy” fursuits since 2011! We love taking on new challenges, creating all sorts of different species, and sewing up all kinds of colorful tails. Our company prides ourselves in unique, quality, durable, and fully tested products; and with every fursuit, tail, headpiece, or whatever we create, we’re always striving to improve and grow!
Sparkle the Saber-Tooth and Dazzle the Raptor work together as fursuit makers full-time, outsourcing materials and work to the furry community to support the artistic community they love. They both enjoy nature, playing games, and spoiling their 2 cats in their spare time.

Art By TiggerPup

Here to spread smiles through engaging and expressive artwork, Tigger has been drawing for the furry fandom for over 9 years and has gone from doodling silly scribbles for friends to expanding her art horizons through merchandise, collaborations with other artists, and fully realized digital pieces! Always looking for new ways to spread joy and support through her art, Tigger looks forward to seeing what she can create next.

Toivo Kaartinen - Foxes in Love

Toivo Kaartinen is a Finland-based part-time writer, full-time cartoonist, and a menace on Tumblr. He began drawing as a young child, from the first moment he managed to hold a crayon in his hand without putting it in his mouth, and no force on Earth has since managed to make him stop. Growing up with Donald Duck and Moomin comics, he at first attempted a long string of careers – from glass artisan to electrician to nurse – before, by sheer luck, meeting the love of his life. Being so in love and not knowing what else to do about it, he began to draw Foxes in Love, and gradually a passion became a career.