DenFur 2024

Meet our DJs for DenFur 2023!


Nic Kato

9 PM

Prepare to embark on a whimsical and groovy journey with Nic Kato, the ultimate party catalyst hailing from the vibrant city of Fort Collins, Colorado. When he’s not busy spinning funky tunes and dazzling crowds, you can find him chilling with his two mischievous feline companions, who happen to be his biggest fans (and critics).


In the realm of musical genres, Nic Kato is a master of house music, the heartbeat of his cosmic existence. From soulful deep house to mind-bending tech house, his selection of beats will teleport you to a dimension where rhythm reigns supreme.


So, lace up your space boots and get ready to lose yourself in the irresistible beats of Nic Kato. Let the funky fun begin!


10 PM

Niko is a DJ and Producer from Colorado, and has been in the scene for more than 12 years. They have played shows in the US and Canada, and has a long history spanning multiple genres and venues from clubs in the WA, CO, and BC to cons across North America. In recent years they have focused on Techno, Tech House and Deep House, and always bring new music to every show. They also have been working for years to produce music, and routinely bring new tracks to the stage.


11 PM

Sova Logo

House DJ / Producer in Denver Colorado. After taking a break submitting music and developing a more focused sound for the Sova project with the help of UK based 86deep as a mentor. Sova has collected multiple original UK inspired House and Tech House tracks through 2023. Drawing heavily on sounds far away from the US, Sova is continuing to create unique music driven by passion.

Frankie Rascal

12 AM

Formerly known as Mickey Paws, Frankie Rascal has been DJing since 2011 and relishes in opportunities to facilitate dance environments. From clubs, to cons, to derelict warehouses–Frankie has done it all! A NYC native living in the Queen City of the Plains, Frankie is dedicated to his new found family in the Denver furry scene and strives to showcase, support, and celebrate the creative expression of the local community. Specializing in House, Disco House, Tech House, and Techno, Frankie Rascal is guaranteed to give you a chronic case of dance fever!


1 AM

Lakota (previously DJ Kota) lept into the DJ scene in 2014. Mostly self-taught with the help of Sova and Ruxbat teaching the basics, he has spun at multiple conventions throughout the years. Taking a break after 2019 to focus on his craft, he has evolved his style and genres, ranging from Trance, Progressive, Deep House, to even Techno. His sets always have a story to them and will take you on an emotional journey from start to finish.
During the COVID pandemic, he has spun for various VRChat conventions and shows, continuing to hone his practice, and will step back into the convention scene for 2023. He hopes you will join him for an hour of new tunes, and a new emotional journey through music.

Waterhole Hootenannie Saturday Pool Party


2 PM

Heyo, my name is Avro or Coaster (Coaster being the main sona I go by) and I have been DJing for 3 years. My love for DJing actually has a funny origin story, because it actually came from Roblox when I was around 12 years old. There was a game where you could buy a game pass to be a DJ at a club in the game, and it was just copying and pasting audio IDs and playing them but seeing people enjoy my music choice is what drew me in. Fast forward to 2019 and now I start experimenting with free DJ softwares such as You.DJ and Virtual DJ, and then the pandemic happened. Thankfully DJing can be done virtually and my first “gig” was a set for a group online which was kind of fun but I wasn’t too crazy about how it turned out, lots of missed transition points and mixing errors, all the stuff most DJs experience in their first gig. A few months later though I got my first controller and it was game over, especially being locked in my room for 6 months. Ever since then I’ve been hard at work to improve my skills until today, where I am mostly doing clubs and I’ve done a convention as well, still have a long ways to go though, before I’m at the level I want to be at, but that’s not to say I’m not having a good time. And for all the up and coming new DJs, don’t feel discouraged and keep practicing.


3 PM

JAHI started DJing in 2006 with his first convention gig at Rocky Mountain Furcon in 2008. He has been called one of RMFC’s veteran DJ’s as he’s performed eight years out of its 10 year lifespan under the alias DJ Fennec. In 2017 he changed his name to JAHI when he got more into producing, his collaborated track “Kaleidoscope” was released on Beatport later that year. Since then he’s performed at Denfur, AZFC, LVFC, and local events such as Foxtrot, while working on original tracks and remixes. JAHI loves to bring fun and energy to the dance floor!



9 PM

Takum has been DJing since 2007 starting with their Future Transmission series, followed by their first con performance at Megaplex in 2011. Ever since then, they have played at many other cons and events throughout the years. As of recently, Takum has been specializing their style with a blend of Progressive, Techno, and Trance, providing the dancefloor with both energetic and melodic sounds to get the crowd moving while giving the feeling of euphoria to get lost in the music.

Takum Photo
Takum Photo


10 PM

HiFi x Vayr

11 PM

Hi-Fi and Vayr are a Denver-based dj duo. Hi-Fi has been djing and producing since 2010 and is known for spinning the latest in future house combined with pop and top 40 bops. Vayr has DJing since 2017 and is known for her signature GrrlPwr sets featuring all female artists and vocalists. Both Vayr and Hi-Fi have been constant fixtures at FoxTrot and DenFur dj sets. For DenFur 2023 they are combining forces as Hi-Fi X Vayr with a special Wild West and Country EDM set which just might be the wildest ride this side of the wilderness!


12 AM

Foxhill Headshot

Sam Foxhill is a member of the artist collective As You Are and a trance & progressive producer with releases on Pure Trance and Black Hole Recordings. With years of experience as a radio, club, and convention DJ, Foxhill knows how to move a dancefloor through his unique blend of progressive house, trance, and melodic techno.

Foxhill Headshot


1 AM

Addix has been DJing for over 10 years, specializing in progressive trance and progressive house. His philosophy has always been to make sure everyone is grooving on the dance floor, with emotional music that’ll make you cry just as much as it will make you dance.