Convention Team Members

This is our convention team from DenFur 2022.  To run smoothly, a convention needs many hands/paws/claws and just as many different skill sets. Our volunteers work hard to ensure this convention is amazing. If you have a moment please take a small moment to thank any past or present con staff for the amazing job they are doing



Group Photo by Atomik

DenFur 2023 Staff/Volunteers

Con Chair – Vonbon

Hometown: Denver, Colorado 

Home Con: Denfur 

Favorite con Memory? “This is vonbon” 


I am a Denver wolf who has been here since ski passes were $250 for 4 mountains all season. All of my memories are from here and all my experiences that shaped me into the smol wolf shape I am. I love movies and hanging with my friends. I have seen pretty much any movie that has come out in the last decade. I have been working conventions since I believe 2015 where I worked in a dealers den checking badges and getting dealers water. Now I also plan large events in my human world as well. I found my skill set and I aint stopping anytime soon.

Vice-Con Chair – Melon

Hometown: Westminster Colorado
Home Con: Denfur since 2019
Favorite Con Memory: When Maxwell and I were on the AV/IT team taking turns being the DJ for fursuit games Denfur 2022. Feels great to help create a fun engaging experience for others and myself!


Merp! I originally grew up in Loveland Colorado but I also spent some time in California and even Japan. Now I am a student at Colorado University of Boulder studying Electrical Engineering as well as Practicing arts and Japanese language.

My very first convention I attended was FurtherConfusion 2019 and to mitigate cost, as I was unsure about being a furry, I went as a volunteer in the art show. I pretty much immediately fell in love with the con experience as well as working as a volunteer in such a fun positive environment. Now I volunteer mainly for AV/IT to stretch my technical muscle and creative problem solving skills! Feel free to merp at me if ya see me!