Sheraton – Denver Downtown Hotel

1550 Court Pl, Denver, CO 80202

Ride Share (Uber, Lyft, etc.):


Passengers who have requested rides through the Lyft and Uber apps (request a ride while you’re picking up your bags to save time) can follow the directions below to meet your ride:

  • Follow the signs for: “GROUND TRANSPORTATION”
  • Exit the terminal on LEVEL 5 (near the baggage claim) through doors:
    • 506-510 If on the WEST side.
    • 507-511 If on the EAST side.
  • Proceed to ISLAND 5 to meet your driver.


Customers using a ride app service may only be picked up in the designated area of Level 5.


Helpful Tips:

  • Wait to request your ride until AFTER you’ve claimed your luggage at the baggage claim or have arrived on Level 5.
  • Please use the designated crosswalks to access Island 5 and be aware of vehicle traffic in the area.
  • Ride app drivers are NOT allowed to solicit customers and payment is made in the mobile app.
  • Rides may only be requested through mobile apps.
  • Before you get into any ride app vehicle, make sure the license plate, car make & model, and the driver’s name match what is in the app.

Light Rail:

The A-Line commuter train, operated by the Regional Transportation District (RTD),  offers convenient transportation between the Airport and downtown Denver.



Once passengers have picked up their bags from the airport baggage claim:

  • Follow the signs for: “TRANSIT CENTER”, or “TRAIN TO CITY” and exit the terminal.
  • Take the escalator down to Level 1 and to the “Denver Airport Station”
  • Once at the station, there are multiple ticket vending machines to purchase your tickets.
  • The “REGIONAL/AIRPORT DAY PASS” will be free during the month of August  of 2023 (read more here) and is valid all day. (If you are under the age of 19, Active Duty Military, are disabled, or are a Medicare recipient your tickets may be cheaper)
  • After purchasing your ticket, board the train heading towards: “UNION STATION”.
  • The trip will take approximately 37 minutes to “UNION STATION”.
  • After arriving at Union Station, transfer to the “FREE MALLRIDE” bus which will take you along 16th Street.
  • Exit the bus at “COURT” street and you will have arrived at the hotel!

Helpful Tips:

  • The A-Line train runs on the following schedule:
    • 3:15 AM – 4:15 AM, trains depart every 30 minutes.
    • 4:15 AM – 6:30 PM, trains depart every 15 minutes.
    • 6:30 PM – 1:00 AM, trains depart every 30 minutes.
    • 1:00 AM – 3:15 AM, there are no trains.
  • The Free MallRide buses run beginning at 5:00 AM and run all day until 1:20 AM the next morning.
  • The Free MallRide bus, is – true to its namesake – 100% free!
Light Rail DenFur Directions


Rental Cars From the Airport:

Denver International Airport has more than 10 major rental car companies serving Colorado travelers if you choose to rent a car after flying in. Car rental agencies are located on airport property and provide courtesy shuttle services to and from the Terminal. These shuttles pick-up and drop-off from LEVEL 5 of the terminal, on ISLAND 4.

Exit the terminal on LEVEL 5 through doors:

  • 505 – 513 If on the EAST side.
  • 504 – 512 If on the WEST side.


Hotel Parking:

The address for the hotel is:

1550 Court Pl, Denver, CO 80202


Parking is $20 per day (does not apply to valet service).

Local Places to Eat:

You’re in luck! You are right on the 16th St. Mall (with free bus rides), and there are plenty of places to eat within walking distance from the hotel. A few examples are: