Meet our Guests Of Honor for DenFur 2022!

AC Stuart - Awoo! Comics

     AC Stuart began his cartooning career trying to rack up fake internet points on Reddit and Tumblr. He leveraged his C-list internet notoriety into a gig as a staff illustrator at CollegeHumor, and he’s been making comics for a living ever since. He lives in Columbus, Ohio, with his partner and pets, where he enjoys being a huge nerd about many things. He is probably not a furry.

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Or if you’d like to purchase some of their works directly, come see Fenris Publishing in our Dealer’s Den this year, or online at: Fenris Publishing

AC Stuart



     My name is Fortuna and I’m a newer suit maker in Colorado. My focus is on new techniques that incorporate quality and ease of wear. In addition to fursuit making, I enjoy spending time with my horses and hiking in the mountains!


     I also organize a local public suiting meet monthly where tour the local bars in suit, bringing lots of smiles as we go! I’ve been enjoying this great fandom locally since 2015.

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Fortuna Horseback Riding


     Spain “Spainimation” has been a fandom artist and suit maker for over 15 years. She has worked on a variety of projects both within and outside the fandom, from her own graphic novel “Caterwall” to developing and working on show pilots for Nickelodeon.


     Spain lives in Denver with her partner and pets. Outside of art she snowboards, surfs, scubas, and loves to camp.

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Spainimation Picture