COVID-19 Update - 6/20/2022

*Glances at pocket-watch*

Oh dear! We’re only 60 days away from the convention!


It’s now T-60 days out from the convention and as promised, we would like to provide an update on our COVID-19 policies that will be in place for the convention. They are as follows:


Current Policy:

  • Completed primary series of any of the accepted vaccines at least two weeks prior to the convention (August 4th, 2022).
  • Masks must be worn at all times in convention space.
  • We are currently not accepting refunds at this time.


30 Days Before The Convention (July 20th 2022):

  • We will provide a final update to our policies (vaccination requirements, mask policy, etc.).
  • Once decided, (unless directed by the CDC, State, County, or Hotel), this will be our FINAL policy for the convention and WILL NOT CHANGE after this date.


We believe this will allow us to provide the best convention we can in a safe manner, while allowing everyone to react and be prepared to the convention requirements.


We thank you for your patience, feedback, and understanding!

60 Days Left Clock