Horseback Miracles

Meet Our Charities for DenFur 2022

Horseback Miracles

Horseback Miracles’ (HBM’s) mission is to create a unique environment where our participants have a chance to use all their abilities to think more rationally, make more socially acceptable decisions and receive hope for a successful and better life.


With the aspiration to provide life-choice alternatives for our nation’s high-risk population, Terry Draper (Larkspur, CO) founded Horseback Miracles, Inc. (HBM). Since 1991, HBM has grown from one man’s vision into an expanded program that serves the mental and/or neuro-developmentally delayed.


Drawn to action by compassion and commitment to make a difference in the lives of these youth, Terry Draper has led the effort to design and document a scientific-based equine sensory therapy program that emphasizes specific equine mounted activities. HBM methodology facilitates the flow of information within the brain and creates “whole-brain” learning that establishes our participants’ innate ability to learn and function. This scientific process is the fundamental cornerstone of our methodology, which has become a measurable force in achieving statistically significant positive behavioral change and learning capabilities for our participants.

Community Charity Groups

Two additional non-profit charity groups will also be attending and providing their support for the convention!

Transgender Center of The Rockies

   The Transgender Center of the Rockies offers trauma-informed gender-affirming individual and group counseling for transgender, non-binary, and gender expansive individuals in Colorado. Treatment is focused on providing support for mental health concerns and substance use. Our clinicians represent a diverse approach to therapy with various training and backgrounds, all grounded in trauma-informed care and through the shared experience of being queer ourselves.

The Transgender Center of The Rockies will be located in the Dealer’s Den.


For further information about this wonderful group, click here!

Transgender Center of the Rockies Logo

Free Mom Hugs

Empowering the world to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community through visibility, education, and conversation.

And yes, we still give hugs!


Free Mom Hugs will be located in the convention foyer near Con-Operations.


For more information about this amazing group, click here!

Free Mom Hugs Logo