Guests of Honor

DenFur is proud to welcome our guests of honor! Their panels will be posted here, as well as in the schedule.
 Foxene (fox-EEN)Starr is a local fur in the Denver area! She is a Tattoo and anthro artist and has been doing art in the community for over 15+ years! She currently resides at Fortune Cookie Tattoo Denver, which is her home away from home. Her specialty is all things animal related as well as anything nerdy and colorful! She's been in the furry fandom for 20 years and isn't afraid to boast about being a grey muzzle. Her main character is a blonde haired vixen but you can always tell it's h...
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We are very excited to announce our first Guest of Honor for DenFur 2021, Ash Coyote. Ash is a film director and YouTuber based out of Colorado. She has worked on a variety of film projects both furry and non furry related. Last year she released THE FANDOM with her co-director Eric "Ash" Risher.
Announcing our next Guest of Honor, @Ritz_Tweeting Ritz (she/her) is an anthro artist and fursuit maker local to Colorado. She has been drawing traditional/digital furry art and making fursuits since 2008, and it has been her career since 2018.

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DenFur is located in the capital of Colorado. Our convention is just 25 miles from the Denver International airport, making it easy for locals and furs from around the world to be a part of our event, and the Denver furry community.
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