Greetings adventurers of Denfur! Welcome to the roundup and there is a lot to cover this week! First up we have great news and that's the Dealers Den acceptance letters have gone out! Please be sure to check your spam folder! If you were not accepted into the Den please check out our Artists Alley

Second up we want to make sure that each of you that purchased a higher tier get their rewards and nobody slipped through the cracks. Please fill out this form below and cover anything that might be missing.

Our Reg is currently open and we have some exciting upper tiers including Super Patron + Room, you get everything that's included in the super Patron and a guaranteed room in the main hotel for the entire duration of the convention.

We also have other options available such as:

Super Patron: includes everything from the previous tiers and access to the cocktail hour, super patron badge, and an exclusive gift to this level and above.

Patron: that includes an exclusive Lanyard to this year, a T-shirt, a poster, and a sponsor gift the patron dinner, and a patron only badge and an extra special patron gift.

Sponsor: includes an exclusive Lanyard to this year, a T-shirt, a poster, and a sponsor gift.

Standard Registration grants access to the convention

Oh but wait there is more! We also have the option to ship badges to skip the reg line and get straight to the convention.

We are also still looking for participates for our Dance come, come and show your swagger for the court!

Lastly, we are always looking for the community to show off what kind of interesting talents they have, come share and engage and have fun with your fellow furs.