Denfur 2020 - Official Postponement Notice June 7th, 2020

For Release

Dear Attendees,

We would like to take time to discuss and acknowledge the concerns you may have regarding COVID-19 and the impact on Denfur 2020. We want to provide transparency and provide answers to your questions regarding the various aspects of the plan going forward. First of all, we believe in the Fandom and our Attendees and have things put in place to make the transition to the new dates as seamless as possible.

As you may know, we have decided to postpone the convention due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We have worked with both the hotel and local government and have been constantly monitoring the news and CDC releases and have decided to postpone the convention to a later date instead of canceling. We believe in the safety and well-being of every single attendee.

The new dates for Denfur are August 20th-22nd, 2021. We are moving to the Sheraton Downtown.
We will not be returning to the Crowne Plaza.

Question: What about my registration?

Our team believes in giving you the most flexibility regarding your registration for the new dates. Our team will migrate your current registration to Denfur's new dates automatically. If you are not able to
attend in 2021, you may opt to have your registration refunded. In addition to the changes in dates we will be adjusting our registration tier end dates to reflect previous dates, accordingly, should you wish to register for the new dates. The deadline for refund requests is July 15th, 2020.
For refunds please email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Question: I'm a Dealer, how does this affect me?

As a dealer, we understand how hard it is to move things around and adjust your schedules as many of you work multiple conventions and/or have a day job. Much like registration, our team will automatically move your registration to the new dates for Denfur. This also extends to your table and your assistant badges. We will be reaching out to all dealers in the coming days.

For Dealers Den Questions, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Question: What about Hotel rooms?

Unfortunately, at this time, our situation with the hotel is that they are automatically cancelling reservations, and you will need rebook using the new link which will be available at a later date. We do not anticipate a problem with our room block in regards to selling out. We are working to give priority reservations to those who currently held one. We understand the frustration that this may cause and are willing to help with any problems or concerns you may have.

Question: What about flights?

Many flights are offering options to change or modify your flight. This can be done through their respective website or by calling their customer service. We have a listed their contact information below for you to reference in order to change, cancel or update your fight.

Question: So, why these new dates?

Simply, we felt that attempting to postpone to new dates that were not our next year's August dates would potentially put attendees at harm with COVID-19 in relation to the lack of vaccine and answer on how to adequately social distance attendees to the point of being safe for everyone. We also heard your feedback regarding the current hotel we were in for 2020, and both agreed and felt it was best to cancel 2020 and concentrate our efforts on 2021 in a wonderful new hotel that meets the needs of everyone.
From our team and family, thank you for your continued support in these unprecedented times. Sincerely,
The Corgi Events Board.
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